Claim: Did Italians Throw Their Money On The Streets Due To COVID-19 Deaths?

Fact: As the COVID-19 death toll in Italy surpasses the 12,000 figure, a set of images showing currency notes littered in the streets is going viral on social media with the claim that Italians are throwing away their money in desperation. The claim is false – these photos were shot in the Venezuelan city of Mérida in March 2019, after some vandals looted a bank and scattered old demonetised currency notes in the streets. Also Read: India’s Financial Year Has Not Been Extended To July 1 BOOM received the images on its WhatsApp helpline number with the caption: “People in Italy have thrown all of their money on the roads outside saying that this money is useless to save them from death. If you are well off spend this for the service and help of the needy.lesson for humanity.”


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